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Liis Koger Artwork, Lola Liivat, Tartu Art Museum
Liis Koger's Becoming One at Tartu Art Museum in 2018. Lola Liivat's exhibition Spiritual Resistance. 

Liis Koger, gallery tete, Berlin art gallery, abstract artist
Personal exhibition Das Hinterland für einen Lebensraum at art gallery tȇte, Berlin, Germany, in 2015.

Liis Koger, Tallinn Airport, abstract art, art exhibition
Personal exhibition And I Always Will? at Tallinn Airport in 2017.

Liis Koger, exhibitions, Mahedik, Pärnu
Personal exhibition at Mahedik, Pärnu, Estonia in 2018. 

la grande bellezza, Estonian Painters exhibition, Liis Koger, Pärnu art, art exhibition
Opening of Estonian Painters Association exhibition La Grande Bellezza in 2019. In front of two of my paintings.

Wabadus, Liis Koger, art exhibition, Tallinn art
Personal exhibition Moments Of Now And Others at Wabadus, Tallinn in 2018. 

Somos Art House, Liis Koger, abstract art, abstract paintings, Berlin exhibition
Personal exhibition Liis Koger - Paintings at SomoS Art House, Berlin, Germany in 2014.

New Art Museum, Uue Kunsti Muuseum, Eesti Maalikunstnike Liit, Maalikunstnike liidu näitus Pärnus
Looking Out From My Beehive at Estonian Painters Association exhibition at Museum Of New Art in Pärnu, Estonia. 2021. 

Man Carrying A Child, Viimsi St Jacob Church, Liis Koger, art exhibition
A view into St Jacob's Church in Viimis, Estonia. Man Carrying A Child.

Man Carrying A Child. Viimsi St Jacob Church. Art exhibition
Man Carrying A Child at Viimsi St Jacob's church personal exhibition in 2020.

Viimsi St Jacob's Church personal exhibition, Liis Koger, art exhibition
Mother Earth Is Watching You And Man Is Carrying A Child personal exhibition in Viimsi in 2020.

Viimsi St Jacob Church exhibition, Liis Koger, Erkki Juhandi
Viimsi St Jacob Church personal exhibition panorama. Curator Erkki Juhandi. 2020

Liis Koger exhibition, Fahle gallery, Tallinn, art gallery, art exhibition
Opening of Kõik maalid räägivad kuldse valguse värvi (All The Paintings Speak Golden Light) personal exhibition at  Fahle Gallery in 2019. Strawberries Flying From Fields on photo.

exhibition opening, Fahle gallery, Tallinn art, Liis Koger, Estonian artist
Exhibition opening at Fahle Gallery. In front of my bigger paintings. 2019

Living Paintings, Solaris centre, Liis Koger, animated art
Project Living Paintings. Animated artworks at Solaris Centre 6,5 x 5m screen. Interactive exhibition. 2019

Solaris Centre, animated artworks, Liis Koger, abstract painter
Animated artworks on Solaris Centre 6,5 x 5m screen. View II 

Vanemuise Concert Hall, Liis Koger, art exhibition, art in Tartu
Personal exhibition at Vanemuise Concert Hall in Tartu, Estonia. 2018

Pärnu City Gallery, art exhibition, Liis Koger, personal exhibition
Personal exhibition The Overflowing Effect Of Staying Unset at Pärnu City Gallery, Estonia, in 2014.

This is not at all a comprehensive view of my exhibitions that have taken place. It doesn't actually show the best photos, views nor exhibitions. I have mostly taken photos with my iPhone, but as I manage my homepage at a computer, I just saw what I had there. For a full view of all the exhibitions, please see my CV. For a nice overview of what has taken place since 2017, please visit my Instagram. There you can see everything (800+ posts by the time given) that has been worth sharing, and I continue posting there most new paintings, announcements on exhibitions and personal stories. Happy discovering!