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Liis Koger child photo, artists when they were kids

About my background

I was born on 23rd of December 1989 in Pärnu, Estonia. Not to make this introduction too boring, I had my First House (rising sign) in Leo that definitely explains my wish and capability to be a leader, as I very much fail at whatsoever jurisdiction I should come under. I guess I don’t have to say my Sun was in Capricorn, as this can be seen in all the hard work I’ve done. My fair discipline dances to a nice accord of a moon in Scorpio. That is clear on the messy and colourful paintings I’ve created with a lot of passion, that come to Harmony on my works thanks to the Mercury, again in Capricorn.
OK, enough of that.
When I was born, Estonia was already having some hopes and dreams to reach independency after 48 years of Soviet occupation. It is very important to mention, that in 1991, we sang ourselves free at the Singing Revolution, and from 2003, Estonia became part of the European Union. That is the answer to all those as I was once noted in Mexico who think that Estonia is a state in the USA. :) I’m not so sure how much all this had an effect on me, becoming an artist, as I was just 2 years old, but I am sure on some unconscious level and due to upbringing, all this definitely has had its affect on me and how I see the world.
In any case, I grew up at a countryside in Pärnumaa and created my own world inside and out of myself, as all children do. 90s were very bohemian all around Estonia. Like the cultural decade of 60s of America and Bertolucci’s The Dreamers? Maybe. In any case, everybody drank a lot. I didn’t, I was 10 years old. I started going to school in Pärnu and also entered Children Art School that gave me some basics. I later went to Pärnu Sütevaka Gymnasium Of Humanistics that gave a good base on all humanistic classes I could possibly wish for. It gave Psychology so well, that I entered the University of Tartu to study exactly that!
Unfortunately, it wasn’t as interesting (and juicy) as it was at my private gymnasium. Too much Mathematics and Statistics. I’ve never liked generalising. I actually liked focusing on one single thing (on person), finding special and original meanings… And then I fell in love. Quit the Psychology BA degree, wrote a poetry book “Tantsud armastuse lõppu” (“Dances To The End Of Love”) and in a few short months, decided I still want to do something that has to do with Psychology, but with my own hands, …and I entered Painting, BFA at University of Tartu. I also took Theology as a minor, it definitely adds something to my skills, at least theoretical. I did enjoy getting to know the cultures, the Mexican and Peruvian history, but Greek and Arabic (the languages) were not for me. I had enough of the Latin given in Sütevaka.
Next to studies, I started painting my abstracts immediately. I was also modeling in Italy and basically those freelance, uncertain jobs, were the things I was living by ever since. Painting is the career I chose as it fits best my needs, knowledge base and what I want and can give to the world. I see the world also needs what I have to give. Let’s see where the road leads. I know the roads are not linear, but rather dimensional.