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Hello! My name is Liis and on this homepage, you can find abstract paintings done by me. Because they are inspired by feelings and their power lies in emotions they were made with, the importance lies in the emotions they create. There is passion and harmony in abstract art that can make your home flow with divine energy. Or just make it stand out with descreet neutrals if you prefer more low-key interior design. You can order original art here, depending on what you need and want. MOST LIKELY, nobody needs an artwork. But what joy is it, buying only things you need?

I deeply believe in direct human relationship that's why I've created this page. IN CELEBRATION OF MAGIC AND HEART IQ. My paintings are about what is beyond the persception of five senses. I know you might want to search for a fish or a bird there, but they exist only rarely there. Sometimes they do, but you know, abstract art is not about searching meanings all the time. It is also about appreciating the harmony. The colours. The soul of a piece. It is like music. I try to do it that way. If it should be more clear what it is, then it wouldn't need to be an abstract piece. My paintings stand for colourforce and come straight from the source. They are for the old souls in this new world.

dervish dancing sun, liis koger, abstract painter, abstract paintingsDervish Dancing In The Sun. 2016, oil on canvas, 130 x 80 cm. In private collection