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Artist Liis Koger portrait, photographer Ruudu Rahumaru
Photos by Ruudu Rahumaru, 2022

I offer creating paintings for definite atmospheres. 
Do you like one of my paintings, but the size is not suitable for a certain place? 
No two paintings can ever be the same, but if you like my general handwriting, I can take up a new canvas and use certain tones that you pick. 

According to your furniture or needs. 

This is the physical plane. 
But maybe you want a memory to be made into a painting? In an abstract language that only you can perfectly see through. 
I have made commissioned artworks mostly being purely abstract, that is, according to size and wanted colours, but I have also generated artworks that figure very certain (city)scapes, flowers and even a soul of a child :) - yes, also that was commissioned. So, I'm absolutely looking forward to portray your travels, weddings and the colours of YOU :) 

Let me know if you have an idea and we'll talk everything through. 

See one commission I've made as an example of a physical place in abstract form. Also, I have painted music and created wall paintings both in and outside of houses. If you are not sure if art is worth it, see the blog post here

Looking forward to hear from you,

UPDATE: In the example of recent commission, please read my thoughts HERE.

Artist Liis Koger, Photographer Ruudu Rahumaru