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In The Heart Of Rose. In Series Of Moon Flowers

In The Heart Of Rose. In Series Of Moon Flowers

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In series of Moon Flowers 

Acrylics on canvas
140 x 200 cm

This painting was exhibited at Tartu Kaubamaja II floor in December-January 2023-2024.

It does not have an underframe. It travels in a roll. The underframe can be added up to request. 

"IN THE HEART OF ROSE" is a mesmerizing and thickly layered abstract painting that serves as a captivating entry in the "Moon Flowers" series. Dominated by the serene purity of white, this artwork invokes the sensation of diving into the very heart of a rose blossom.

The canvas is generously layered, creating an almost tactile sense of depth and texture. The white layers resemble a pristine blanket of snow, serene and untouched. The purity of this white expanse evokes a feeling of stillness, as if time has momentarily frozen.

At the center of this frozen tranquility, a striking black rose figure takes prominence. This enigmatic and bold figure disrupts the prevailing white with its deep, inky blackness. The black rose, a symbol of mystery and enchantment, becomes the focal point, commanding attention.

Amidst the layers of white, subtle yet vibrant golden elements emerge, like the soft, radiant glow of moonlight. These elements infuse the painting with a sense of warmth and vitality, contrasting the cold, snowy backdrop. The golden accents suggest that life and beauty persist, even in the depths of winter's chill.

"IN THE HEART OF ROSE" is a deeply evocative artwork that speaks of the interplay between stillness and vibrancy, darkness and light. It beckons viewers to explore the enigmatic beauty that can be found even within the most serene and mysterious of spaces. The painting serves as a striking reminder that life and vitality often flourish in the unlikeliest of places, amidst layers of depth and complexity.

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