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Big Blossom. In Series Of Moon Flowers

Big Blossom. In Series Of Moon Flowers

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In series of Moon Flowers 

Acrylics and oil on canvas
140 x 190 cm

This painting was exhibited at Tartu Kaubamaja II floor December-January 2023-2024.

It does not have an underframe. It travels in a roll. The underframe can be added up to request. 

"Big Blossom" is a striking and thickly layered abstract painting that forms an integral part of the "Moon Flowers" series. This artwork exudes a sense of purity and natural beauty, with the majority of the canvas enveloped in a serene and luminous white.

The layers of white paint are rich and textured, resembling the petals of a big white rose blossom still to bloom. The canvas captures the very essence of a moonlit world, where the petals glisten like delicate moonlight-kissed flowers. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere of a winter garden at night, where the world is hushed and time seems to stand still.

This yellow stroke, akin to a flower stalk, serves as the focal point, offering a stark contrast to the surrounding white. It symbolizes the strength and resilience of nature and life, even in the most ethereal and serene settings. But - you can also see, that the white blossom has the green stalk, it is just covered in snowlike fog :)

The composition, with its thick layers and deliberate texture, invites viewers to contemplate the beauty of simplicity and the enduring power of elegance that can be found in nature, when you gaze it as something magical. It is inviting viewers to pause and discover the hidden splendors in life's quieter moments.

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