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How To Paint With Two Kids Under Three

Take painting with two kids under three as a training to be UNSTOPPABLE, which you are if you want it enough. After that, noone is ever going to say I don't have enough time so that you would consider it serious. The only way to achieve the outcome of your thought manifesting in reality is to actually practice creating something step by step, even if the gorilla gets in your room.

To put a little inspiration together, first you have to accept that painting with two kids under three in the same room is a HUGE thing that consists of 5 lessons that together make up a package of understanding and celebrating the flow (✌️) of life.

1. It's like writing poetry on New York streets' - the construction noise is the price you have to pay, you get used to everything. 

2. You have to agree to get used to everything - that is, all else is a sacrifice. 

3. Silence the surrounding noise and mess - within your head: that's the higher pilotage of meditation. 

4. Make the order and calmness you want ON the painting. (Can't have it elsewhere, focus where you can.) 

5. Find the clarity in your children's eyes.

Afterwards, they are so happy of what they achieved meanwhile. Within the hands of children, Rome gets built within minutes! 

Oskar just built a train of pillows, whole town of wedges and made impressively clear that the room is his home, and he wants to add some moving details to the interior.

Ekke was making his wondrous sounds of Aah and Khoisan clicks of communication, while I was finishing the small paintings while Oskar was thinking Ekke was the last traveler on his train that I had to guard.

Continue. Repeat. 

That's the way to do it.