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About Commissioned Artworks

I often am titled to answer what I think about commissioned artworks. And I have to say, it is always 50:50, the outcome, to stay on the pessimistic side "just in case". When somebody turns to me in order to execute a painting, it is ALWAYS possible to reach the level of understanding in terms of size, materials and even colours. Mostly, I am very open to work on certain topics that they want to see in their everyday life. But the painting still stays "me" and therefor is affected by the emotional and just state I'm in, even though I always stay professional and work with highest work ethic. Whatever that might mean: in my world, discipline and working until I'm absolutely happy with the painting.

Mostly, I offer to make a painting at a certain size and considering all things mentioned above, to try several times if one is not perfect for the client. 2-3 paintings are perfectly fine! As when the painting is ready for me, but the client wants another sunflower on the left corner, that I cannot do, but I can do another artwork :) 

As my career is already 10+ years, many things have happened. I have painted flowers outside the house (on outer wall), birds inside the house (on inside wall), doing wall paintings on street and being coloured with paint myself! So I do have experience, and from that I can say, the best is to stay in the range of my best capability: to order an abstract piece of art if you otherwise like (: LOVE) my style, but cannot find a suitable painting amongst available artworks in terms of SIZE and COLOURS. Also, if you want something absolutely specific and made for you. Then, we can find an agreement. 

My last commissioned artwork was for winter garden, so it wasn't exactly for the interior space, but also not for the outer. It has medium range of temperatures and humidity and needs therefor the strongest and most durable materials (strongest underframe that is resistant to changes and colours that stay true to themselves indifferent of the UV rays). I could do it in my own way, being directed with preferred colours and by my previous artworks that the client loved (Lavendel field series) and the result made us both happy. 

If you would like to order a commissioned artwork that gets its life chance thanks to you, let me know

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commissioned artworks, colourful painting, Liis Koger
Pink Oregano Field. 2023, acrylics on linen, 150 x 100 cm.

pink field painting, Liis Koger, commissioned artwork

commissioned artwork, liis koger, pink field