Q&A: Complimentary shipping within Estonia for purchases €500 and up, international shipping is free for orders €1500 and above. All shipments get tracking code. Paintings can be exchanged if not suitable. You are welcome at the studio to choose a painting, too. For extra photos and/or video of an artwork or other questions, please use contact form.

Paintings Getting Safely Where They Need To Be With DHL Express

It has become only very recently a norm, that everything can be delivered safely and quick everywhere. I would suppose, if there'd be no Amazon, we'd not take delivery spontaneously. 

Carrying and transporting delicate items - as in my case, paintings - is something that has risen questions for international shipping just some years ago (even though these fly by quick!). People often are used - as used as keeping on track with modern speed can offer, that when they purchase art directly from the artist, the artist sends it in a roll; first for the cost, second for the safety. Or vice versa the reasons. 

Sending paintings in a roll means that they either have never had an underframe, or that it needs to be removed and in the final location, another framemaster found, to buy a new underframe to be able to hang the painting on wall. All that carries a lot of discomfort, as decorative frame can be added on request, but is not necessary, whereas an underframe definitely is needed. 

Museum artworks and expensive gallery artworks have been delivered in specially formulated wooden crates that need time making and constructing as they are always different for each artwork. Also, they are costly. 
Artworks with underframe can be ordered internationally and globally with underframe just as safely, when they are packed strong and safe with cardboard, if the shipping is executed by trustworthy carriers. 

Using general international post, the shipment would be in the hands of MANY companies, not one, as they differ in each country; and the logistic is made through many countries just as well: with trucks thousands of kilometres... Landline is terrible for the delicate artwork and other precise things. 

As I've been asked many times how I send my paintings globally, the answer is this: I pack them really, really well (yes, sometimes the packing takes longer than one painting session itself!), with bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, strong cardboard, corners, etc, and I send them with trustworthy couriers: DHL Express to be precise. 

I just had a big collaboration with DHL Express due to my personal exhibition in America, and they delivered 17 of my paintings in three big packages extremely safely and well handled (I would even say: guarded). They also offer 100% insurance. When you have an international order, from Estonia this is the best solution: they are VERY fast, very friendly and what matters most in my business: precise AND did I say already, trustworthy? :) 

DHL Express handling both timing and items with love and care.