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Is It Right Or Wrong To Brag? 🤔

We hear those wonderful, unbelievable price records that take place at famous art auctions. My selling price record is nothing compared to these, but during my 10 year career, last week I made a selling price record :) 

And I wanted to share it because of several reasons. 

First, the painting that made it, is (not was! it still is) so special: not thinking about the rational side of it, I decided I will not, never sell it for less than 10.000€. 
And I was ready to wait for years until somebody purchases it, because I wasn't even really ready or trying to sell it. The painting is so dear to me. 

But it happened AGAIN! The proof what I have always been saying, that when an artwork comes from the depths of soul & heart, the viewer just_feels_it! These are always the most favored paintings by art collectors, the ones that actually come from the heart. 

Yes, I know, one can say, how many paintings are there that doesn't come from the heart then??? But truth is, most of the paintings come as a result of WORK! And discipline! If you are an artist who wants to achieve something, have ambitions, exhibitions, sometimes several at different places -- you need artworks, and that is your daily bread. 
You paint. All the time. (Well, unless you do the other work that takes place at least half of the time of 16hours workday 😁.)

So most of the paintings that I consider ready are just good or very good and there is nothing to do more, because the harmony and purpose are achieved. They still have the "soul" in them. Not my soul, but the soul I deliver: they have their own souls. 

But this one, and some of my other favourites, are special. 
That's why they have such higher price. 
And I know art advisers say it's smart and steady to price the artworks according to size and exhibits and works similar in dimensions by the same artist should have similar price, but I disagree. 
There's nothing to do about it, some works are just better than others. 

And selling record set, it just proves that as time goes by, all of the prices actually rise. And the more expensive ones become just even more expensive. 
Then again, never minding the price, I believe that there is a right painting for a precise person (and home). So one still has to follow the feeling. 


PS Touching The Ground (Might Be More Important Than Catching The Sky). 2020, oil on canvas, 120 x 90 cm. Sold for 10.000€ in January, 2021.
Available as prints 

PPS! Of course, selling price record might not be the utterly correct term, as there have been records all the time 😅. Precise is to say, a milestone. It's a 10K milestone!