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I'll be painting at Klaaspärlimäng / Glasperlenspiel FESTIVAL

From 7th of July until 12th of July, festival KLAASPÄRLIMÄNG / GLASPERLENSPIEL takes place at Tartu Jaani Church. Every year, there is an artist who gives a visual transformation to the music: into the paintings ... 

Composer and one of the organisers, Peeter Vähi, has invited me to paint for several years now. As my smallest kid was too young to leave him for the night out (according to my feeling), I didn't take the chance. But now, as he is almost 4, I decided: now or never! 

The program of the festival is diverse. You can hear well selected world music that is special and unique. Every day, the concerts start at 19.00 and 22.00. On both events, I'll be the artist to interpret the music into visual artworks. At least one painting will be done in one session; it is two painting sessions per night.

I am not sure if I really manage to create something wonderful in every go, as most of my paintings are done in a few months, some even 10 years as I add layer to layer, but en plein air painting sessions I've done quite some, so I have some experience. And truth be told, music has always been my inspiration and sometimes even motivation. 

Plan is to meditate upon the music and bring it all forward on the painting. (As Jackson Pollock would do? Grin.) The paintings will definitely be a bit more intense, fervid and clean, as they have to come fast and perhaps not fit that many worlds into the frame. But perhaps abstract art even wins from that and you can really see the sincerity and concreteness of the event in colours. Definitely make some memories to be hung on wall and remember forever.

On Friday, 8th of July at 12.15 we are celebrating HORTUS MUSICUS 50 with presentation of their longplayer "Half a Century" and in the spirit of this, empty canvases (with one exception from last night's event the opening concert) will hang on the walls of Jaani church to start the show. That is the opening of the exhibition. After every concert, another finished painting will be added in the place the empty canvas was taken. By the end of the festival, the exhibition "MUUSIKAST INSPIREERITUD / Inspired By Music" will be complete and open to the public at Tartu Jaani Church until 14.08.2022

Come see me paint and listen to the music!