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What's The Meaning Of A Painting?

What difference does it make to have a painting at home? Is it pure luxury or a decorative element? Even as the latter, the effects cannot be hidden away. 


Liis Koger painting So You Are Doing All That With Your Hands in interior

So You Are Doing All That With Your Hands view in room. 2018, oil on linen, 120 x 90 cm

I often wonder about the drastic conflicts that are based on philosophical views. I am pretty certain, that what you name the thing after, doesn't change what the thing is. So we can explain a lot what is pictured on the painting or what effect it has, but the same is true without any description: the thing still does its work. 


So when someone says, that an effective painting gives room a face - let's say, the brows of Cara Delevingne or the eyes of Bette Davis, it is definitely true a little more than to say the same about a couch or a table. Why is that? Handmade furniture is no less powerful for view, not to talk about use. The only difference there is, can be found in making


Colours and forms come from a different place. It's a wild, wild space. Elements brought into the visible, are as light as clouds or as abacinating as rays. They can be as enlightening as some spiritual texts. Unless you are so sensitive to read long, meaningful stories - that definitely do exist - out of the deathwatch's script on wood, the painting tells more; but an artist is not that different from the author that a borer is, it's just that a human mind can understand another man's mediation easier. 


Liis Koger painting Out On The Wiley, Windy Moors

Out On The Wiley, Windy Moors view in room. 2018, oil on linen, 120 x 100 cm

So it is like a little sacred decision that a lady or a gentleman makes, when deciding what and from where to have that which is actually a special something as part of home. 


More important than all the critical matters, is to stay true to one's own deciding mind. As it is, a washing machine comes with plenty of instructions, while the baby comes with none. Art as something that has been given birth to can be registered the same. The author gives his or her piece of CULTURAL WILDLIFE a title, perhaps a signature, a blueprint of handwriting and a place from soul for the physical ensemble to travel through, but - 


when the magical newborn has grown its "wings", the artist has decided it is ready to be put on test and leave the nest, it makes its own relationships and starts telling stories that are hugely a reflection of the viewer's experiences and ability to see. An ability that is possible to train. The best of paintings make a person wonder and see more - every time a sight has been directed as an arrow to heart. The heart of a painting is bigger than the painting itself, the coloured canvas can only capture a small fragment of its world.


The real painting is a living thing. And as such - IF such (it has to be given life!) - it makes the room come alive differently. That is its purpose. To expand out of the limits of itself, make the room grow bigger and the people next to it, fonder. That is the basics of a concept that thrives with focus on ampleness, that says every living thing's purpose is to grow. Not in the measurements nor times of rolling, but what the brain can understand on a cellular level and how things change through variate reasons that remain non-explainable to the mediocre mind.


Strawberries Flying From Fields, a painting by Liis Koger

Strawberries Flying From Fields view in room. 2018, oil on linen, 120 x 100 cm