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Imaginary Landscapes

Imaginary Landscapes

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oil on canvas

30 x 40 cm

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This painting was at my personal exhibition "Japanese garden and other ways of melting together" at Tampere Maja, Tartu, from 5.01-29.01.2023. 

"Imaginary Landscapes" is an intimate small painting that immerses you in the mystical beauty of a darkened natural setting. The predominant colors of green, brown, and black create an ambiance of serene, twilight-like obscurity, reminiscent of an evening forest or a field at dusk.

The painting captures a dreamscape where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. While the palette leans toward dark hues, subtle touches of yellows and oranges serve as flickering embers that beckon you into the heart of the scene. These vibrant elements infuse a remarkable three-dimensionality into the composition, as if the landscape has come alive in the fading light.

"Imaginary Landscapes" transports you to a realm, where the transition from day to night is a time of magic and mystery. This painting is an invitation to explore the wonders of the imagination and the beauty that can be discovered in the quietude of a dimly lit landscape.

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