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Between Sunset And Dawn - Forces Of Nature: STIIHIAD

Between Sunset And Dawn - Forces Of Nature: STIIHIAD

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acrylics on canvas

50 x 210 cm

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This painting is currently exhibited at GOURMET COFFEE KADRIORG at L. Koidula 13A Tallinn this January 2023. You can purchase it anyway and it will be sent to you soon.

Energetically loaden at Tuhala nõiakaev / Tuhala Witch’s Well. 

"Between Sunset And Dawn - Forces Of Nature" is a colossal and highly energetic abstract painting that dominates a vast canvas, measuring an impressive 50 x 210 cm. The title alone suggests a dynamic interplay between natural elements, and the artwork lives up to this promise.

The canvas is a riot of vibrant and bold strokes, each teeming with energy and movement. It captures the raw and untamed forces of nature with an awe-inspiring intensity. The painting is a visual symphony of water and sunset, illustrating the boundary between day and night where these elemental forces collide.

The strokes representing water are fluid and dynamic, mirroring the powerful, ever-shifting currents of a river or ocean. The use of deep blues and cool shades suggests the depth and mystery of water, while the strokes themselves convey its ceaseless motion.

Contrastingly, the strokes embodying the sunset are a burst of warm, fiery hues. They radiate an intense energy and mimic the fiery descent of the sun as it dips below the horizon. The interplay of these bold strokes illustrates the transient yet breathtaking moments that occur as the day transitions into night.

The size of the canvas accentuates the painting's grandeur and the overwhelming forces it portrays. It demands your full attention, pulling you into the midst of these natural elements. As you gaze upon it, you can almost feel the wind in your hair, the cool spray of water on your skin, and the warmth of the setting sun on your face.

"Between Sunset And Dawn - Forces Of Nature" is a masterpiece that encapsulates the untamed beauty and power of the natural world. It's a dynamic and electrifying representation of the delicate equilibrium between water and the sun's descent, a boundary where the elemental forces converge in a breathtaking display of nature's strength and majesty.

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