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Spring Meets Autumn. Moon Flowers And All Others Ever Given To Me

Spring Meets Autumn. Moon Flowers And All Others Ever Given To Me

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Spring Meets Autumn. Moon Flowers And All Others Ever Given To Me

In Series Of Moon Flowers 

Acrylics on canvas
200 x 500 cm

This painting was exhibited at Tartu Kaubamaja II floor December-January 2023-2024.

It does not have an underframe. It travels in a roll. If you want an underframe to be added, it is recommended you do it in loco of the final destination, because the painting is 2 x 5 m in size.

"Spring Meets Autumn. Moon Flowers And All Others Ever Given To Me" is a monumental acrylic painting that spans an impressive 200 x 500 cm canvas, and it is the centerpiece of the captivating "Moon Flowers" series. This artwork is a vibrant and emotional expression of the cyclical beauty of the seasons and the artist's deep connection to the natural world.

The title alone sets the stage for a magnificent journey through a visual landscape of ever-changing beauty. In this expansive masterpiece, all four seasons are vividly and harmoniously portrayed. Spring blooms with delicate cherry blossoms, vibrant tulips, and fresh, green foliage. Summer bursts forth with an array of colorful wildflowers, while autumn is awash in warm, golden hues, with leaves cascading in the breeze. Winter, serene and pristine, is captured with delicate snowflakes and the bare elegance of trees.

The canvas is a riot of colors that represent the full spectrum of nature's palette. It's as if the artist has harnessed every hue found in the natural world and breathed life into the canvas. This symphony of colors exudes vitality and offers viewers a profound visual experience.

Within this resplendent display, a multitude of flowers and a bird can be discovered, each symbolizing the unique beauty of the living world. The presence of a bird signifies the ever-present spirit of nature, free and untamed, while the flowers represent the artist's admiration and reverence for the beauty of life's fleeting moments.

Notably, the artist's own golden footsteps, imbued with symbolism, can be traced upon the canvas. These footsteps symbolize the artist's deep connection to the artwork, as if they've stepped into the painting, living within the very heart of their creation.

The sheer scale of the painting is awe-inspiring, demanding the viewer's attention and immersion in its rich, complex narrative. It invites you to explore and get lost in the ever-changing seasons, to experience the profound beauty and wonder that nature continually bestows upon us.

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