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I Am Painting The World With You (Or Without)


Art is not a pink elephant.
A photo by Kirsi Kataniemi, edited by me

...a more colourful place to live in. Painting can be considered such a small-scale thing, a decorative element in your room, really, but what's possible to do with it, is grand - the change it brings with it, the time it lasts, the quality it brings to your space experience, is otherworldly.
And the world that is brought, comes through the Artist. I am still wondering WHY some people bring skulls for their interior, when you can bring such deeper level of understanding, touche d'éclat, style. Matters of taste are not to be discussed, but long-term effects should be kept in mind.
Art is something that once used to be luxurious, but is now available to everyone. It is not the pink elephant in the sky. Day by day, it becomes a necessity for those living in the expanded counciousness AND wanting to surround themselves with material things that support their world view.
I am the advocate for art that makes people's lives better, I have a vision that artists' works should not be kept in dusty rooms, forced to hug other pieces of speculative worth, for special occasions, but should be used at every home. That's what good things are for. And that's what keeps artists thriving.
A photo by an unknown photographer, edited by me

I am also trying to expand the view of what art is for. What once used to be an on canvas piece, is no longer limited to it. I have been painting on outter walls of buildings, decorating the faces of houses with fun and beautiful elements that lift everybody's mood. The bodies of birds can become part of an interior and fixing cracks can become a sublime enjoyment on walls.
I have painted irises in front of a white home and participated at street art festival with my abstract idea. I have become to understand that what makes a work great is not where it stands, but the connection the artist has with the viewers. What I would be painting to a larger audience, is no different than what I would be painting for you. 
All in all, an original artpiece might not turn out as the idea one holds in mind. Once I tried the cranes on a great slate, and it just didn't turn out well! You have to experiment to know. Making assumptions is no greater than having biases. Present dictates what can be done and how well. The ideas differ, but they might become compatible in the most surprising cases! 
A photo by Suvan Chowdhury, edited by me
The idea is necessary as is the freedom of action afterwards. Without it, there can be no afterglow. No glow, no power - you go home. You want the work to stand out. So leave it ripen. Speak it out. Make it work. Sign the deal. Seal the greed of solo endeavours to be part of the bin, not recycled. 
I will be painting for huge exhibitions, but I will always consider ideas. That is a stupid man who always considers himself to know best. Artists are known for their egocentrism and I am no different to what is common to all men of our breed! But to please mankind with comfort of beauty, isn't that what the great masters have done throughout history? 
What is admirable to one can be applauded by many. Their intuition must have known. What is of demand to make the human race more sensitive to changes that need to be undertaken; or which changes would bring us just more stress. The future artist's toolbox must have the skills of supportive nature. Because their work becomes an essential part of the viewer's world.
Painting carries the effect of being a small world. It takes responsibility to create one. Which one are you creating? It has the odd growing snowball's virtue. You did it once, you planted the seed, watered the plant, and now it is everywhere. What becomes of it? Is the artist only one responsible? I seriously believe that artists should not reflect what goes on in the society, but take art as a form of prayer.
Again, it is a matter of duplicating things. You want the good, hearty things to become many, the ones it is hard to find words for. But try, please try. What is it that you would like the artists to paint? What is your imagination speaking about? What is your physical world starving for?

Engage via writing your response in the comments below, and who knows, perhaps one day I just might be given - coup de théatre -, add-on to your world.