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Blind Fate vs Blind Love

White Iris. Liis Koger abstract painting. Light abstract painting. Flower abstract painting. Iris abstract painting.
White Iris. 2017, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

If love can be blind, can faith be that as well? We all know the term blind love. If one would call a belief non-realistic, (s)he would be labelled an atheist. An atheist's belief would be blind just the same, as it cannot be proven (s)he's right. Wouldn't it then be just an accurate consideration, that no man can be understood as righteous unless claiming himself free of all blindness. 

If and when love is a sort of faith, which it most often is within spiritual realms (that we all dream about!), then the term would turn into blind love = blind fate. If an artist lives without outter feedback if any of his/her works have been understood, it is purely a blind mind that can thrive while continuing to do so. It would be a life within cocoon. 

An isolated life devoted to the non-provable worth. A search of something bigger. A belief in something that has not find its way into material existence just yet. But nothing more than a belief. And love for that non-existing thing, that only lies as an idea, just to give power to the everyday trivialities. 

Noone should blame a snake for biting. The snakebite never kills. It is the poison that travels through veins that is becoming murderous. A poision of thought. Faith can never be such thing. Faith fights the dark without physical force. What you think, you multiply. But make no room for blindness, also. 

No love nor any faith, as long as its purpose is to create through giving, shall be blind. This blind faith is what keeps young artists going, just as lovers who are young however old they may be, and when this light of EN- finally hits, there you are: doing just the same things as you did before, in belief and with love.

Blue Embrace. 2017, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm