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The Four Keys: WINTER

The Four Keys: WINTER

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acrylics on canvas

120 x 120 cm

Price includes 20% VAT

The Four Keys: SEASONS

Pictures In Breast Of Light


In the beginning, there was light.

K1, K2, K3, K4, … Key One, Key Two, Key Three, Key Four.

It is impossible to let go of the keys of past.


On this wall, four opened doors.

It’s a checkerboard, with no black squares. There

is only light of the paint and pure white …squares.


Pictures in breeze of light.

The pureness of form, all those rays of colour…

These waves of future are bringing back to past.

And these feelings that were,

the feelings within light and

the lightness of those feelings,


the lightning of being,

the complex lightness

that hit before time

is right here, right a touch away.

Just as in the eyes,

in front of the other eyes,

so as in the heart(s zZzZzZzZ)


as nothing was before, as nothing came before.

THE KEYS ARE OPENING to every direction.
Present, past, the future.
And Eternity.

North, South, East and West

and always and above all

into one self.


These are four keys to lightness
There are four keys to lightness

within one self.


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