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Pure Shimmer

Pure Shimmer

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acrylics on linen

50 x 40 cm

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This painting is currently exhibited at my personal exhibition "Japanese garden and other ways of melting together" at Tampere Maja, Tartu, from 5.01-29.01.2023. You can see the painting there. You can purchase the artwork now, but it will be delivered to you after the end of exhibition. Let us know if you are in a specific hurry and we'll get back to you. For that, please send an email.


This painting is the most shiny object I've made to day: it is almost impossible to photograph it properly - sorry for that. The light is always moving on that one. It's a really really light golden painting with nuances that can be seen, but the art it is, is the magic that the moving light ON IT makes it to be: so the result is so much dependant (and to be created!) on the atmosphere (what side and where does the light come from?) and surrounding it ends up in. So it is really a CHANGING painting, very fragile, very serene, and savory. There is a lot of delicate movement within it, and there will be movement on it caused by lighting that you give it to. In that way, you're a co-creator of this painting.

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