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Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive

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oil on fine linen

110 x 180 cm (2 x 110x90 cm - on two panels)

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This painting can be currently seen at Rae Kunsti Plats, Rae kultuurikeskus, Harjumaa at my personal exhibition "Japanese Garden And Other Ways Of Melting Together" throughout February 2023. 


This artwork is inspired by Jim Jarmusch movie "Only Lovers Left Alive". It was a bloody love story, an eternal love story. The painting is in Mark Rothko style. We, as human beings, are inspired and know what has been before us. "I am where I am thanks to the giant I'm standing on." But during recent circumstances, this painting can also be TO the ones who'll come out alive from this Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin called this "special military operation". You know Stendhal's "Red And Black", where people are divided into two categories, the good&honest and the liars? It turned out, Putin stood against whole culture, creating his fellow Russian Lev Tolstoi's "War And Peace" into "Special Military Operation And Peace" that turned out to be a love story of a whole nation, covered in blood. The pieces of a mysterious puzzle here are celebrating survival.

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