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Fresh Breeze Of Warm Summer

Fresh Breeze Of Warm Summer

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oil on linen canvas

150 x 100 cm

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This painting is currently exhibited at my personal exhibition "Japanese garden and other ways of melting together" at Tampere Maja, Tartu, from 5.01-29.01.2023. You can see the painting there. You can purchase the artwork now, but it will be delivered to you after the end of exhibition. Let us know if you are in a specific hurry and we'll get back to you. For that, please send an email.


Perhaps one of the most "perfect" artworks I have available, and also one of the most popular ones (as I have got feedback about). It really holds tremendous possibilities: it is so wintery to first glimpse, for the colours, but it was inspired more by the lightness and freshness of breeze -- so basically just air! -- of summer. I couldn't imagine an air being described more pure and more specific than with all those differences that this painting contains. It does resemble one of my earlier artworks - that I remember so well from 2011, the No Fade In Space here:

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