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Trust The Flow Of Life. You Said I Broke Your Heart, And I Mended It

Trust The Flow Of Life. You Said I Broke Your Heart, And I Mended It

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acrylics and oil and crystals on linen canvas

120 x 90 cm

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This is the only painting left from XMAS x Crystals collection that I started in 2019. It wasn't then, what it is now. It took three years to finish. First, it was all really snowy and magical wintery scene, with crystals like the magic glimmer of this festive time of the year. Then, I had an inspiration to bring it even one step further -- that is always a risk to do, because in art, you either make it better, or you ruin it all and it takes another 10 years of work. But this time, emotions won. I am not sure this story told - once again, it's a risk! - adds to the understanding in a positive way, but the creational side was such: my child, 3-year old at the time, said I broke his heart (with something really small, like not bringing a toy or something like that - cannot remember!), but the tone was so heartbreaking that I thought, I need to soothe his hurt. And I did something and replied "I mended it". I don't remember now, if I first gave back the eternal sunshine to his spotless soul, or I created the artwork, but it's a story how something really small can affect us in tremendous ways. We need to be so careful to notice all small kinds of deeds and give really our best to be aware.

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