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Meeting Of Reds (For Leonhard Lapin)

Meeting Of Reds (For Leonhard Lapin)

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oil on canvas

70 x 90 cm

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This painting can be seen at New York Estonian House at my personal exhibition "Belief Without Reservation Is Limitless". This exhibition is taking place 6-20th of October 2023. This painting was also exhibited at TARTU KAUBAMAJA II FLOOR AT MY PERSONAL EXHIBITION "BIRD" throughout summer 2023 (see photos in the gallery)


This painting had a funny process. Painting is something I do with a great discipline, not only when I feel utterly inspired and "cannot otherwise". I took another canvas and the colours, felt which are the ones necessary for this work, and for some reason - when I started, I had thoughts coming in of a legendary artist in Estonia, geometric abstractionist, Leonhard Lapin, who had died recently. He was also a great friend of mine. I don't think our works are similar at all. On some outlooks about life, we did think similar. I suppose, the RED was the colour that would be one ROAD that we shared. He had a poetry book made in red, I had mine made in red. Our artworks most often are about love and love was something we both thought was the most important thing in this life (and all the lives that have been and are to come). So this red painting is something of ultimate passion, pleasure and everlasting union.

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