Becoming One

Becoming One

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  • working years: ... - 2017
  • materials: oil on linen canvas
    - on wooden frame that comes with wedges
    - without decorative frame
  • size: 150 x 120 cm

    BECOMING ONE is a painting that started a long, long time ago. I had a sketch that I carried with me for years. Finally - like 7 years later - I decided to start with the work. The painting 'got ready' at least 4 times. Then I decided, it ain't over til it's over and worked on it without analysing too much and putting more the real, very primal emotions in it, that I had felt once the sketch was drawn, rather than copying what's on the sketch itself.

    In any case, the elements and figures are still seen. There are oh so many! There is a young man and a woman climbing up from what could be a yogi's back. Someone meditating there or is it a nose below the cloudy, mushroomy eyes? The surrounding is that of a magic forest. The colours indicate experiencing awareness. There are also two birds with their beaks in water, getting insects perhaps.

    This painting was exhibited at Lola Liivat's jubilee exhibition at Tartu Art Museum in 2018.

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