Story Of My New Logo (Some Old Concept Hints)

Hello! Nice to be back at my blog. I felt the urge to explain what's behind the logo you can see at my homepage, on Instagram profile and Facebook page, and also on the adhesive tape that the box is sealed with, shall you order a painting or two, done by me. 

The logo came in my dream and it was shown as a tattoo. Energetically, it could be a tattoo on me, which I didn't execute, but the "logo" stayed with me, I carried it with me for a long (always subjective term) time: I sketched it, I drawed it, and finally in InDesign, I managed to get the elements right. 

The basics is THE SPHINX. The Great Sphinx Of Giza. You can see all the details that Google offers if you don't already know one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. So, I saw the sphinx, but I wanted to get as few details of it as possible, but the trouble was, all the new elements were incoming to my mind. 

To the finish line, the winners were: limestone statue for edges, the eye of a cat for sight, the nose for a brush and the lips as lines. Lines which tell a story that comes from the pen or strokes that come from brush. All in all it conveys a story. 
On the right, there is the ear of my son Ekke; and on the right, there is the transcendental, "empty", invisible side where everything is created from. It listens.

The left side in its beauty is the mystical material world. Ancient and new to be in one. The sphinx of mine is the touching point of the visual and the non-visual world. On the right side, everything starts; and it's going like backwards, to be seen, because what's seen is always behind, as the thought on the right is several steps forward - for what is yet to be.

The name of my brand is on top of the face as an aureole, as a chain. I feel this symbol/picture was really given to me and therefor, I have the right to use it. The previous logo just didn't capture the essence of why I am doing all this. I hope you enjoy the logo (and my other creations) as I feel this is going to be there for a long time, this great sphinx of mine, helping to deliver the most outstanding paintings to you in time. 




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