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Leonardo Da Vinci's To Do List

Whenever I lose motivation, which doesn't happen often, but sometimes it still does, I get inspiration from the extracts of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook, dating back to 1490s. His to-do list was perhaps even a little bit bigger than mine. When you feel down, just read it and blossom!


[Calculate] the measurement of Milan and Suburbs

[Find] a book that treats of Milan and its churches, which is to be had at the stationer’s on the way to Cordusio

[Discover] the measurement of Corte Vecchio (the courtyard in the duke’s palace).

[Discover] the measurement of the castello (the duke’s palace itself)

Get the master of arithmetic to show you how to square a triangle.

Get Messer Fazio (a professor of medicine and law in Pavia) to show you about proportion.

Get the Brera Friar (at the Benedictine Monastery to Milan) to show you De Ponderibus (a medieval text on mechanics)

[Talk to] Giannino, the Bombardier, re. the means by which the tower of Ferrara is walled without loopholes (no one really knows what Da Vinci meant by this)

Ask Benedetto Potinari (A Florentine Merchant) by what means they go on ice in Flanders

Draw Milan

Ask Maestro Antonio how mortars are positioned on bastions by day or night.

[Examine] the Crossbow of Mastro Giannetto

Find a master of hydraulics and get him to tell you how to repair a lock, canal and mill in the Lombard manner

[Ask about] the measurement of the sun promised me by Maestro Giovanni Francese

Try to get Vitolone (the medieval author of a text on optics), which is in the Library at Pavia, which deals with the mathematic.


I think the best illustration for this sort of curiousity would be my Golden Light. 2013-2018, oil on canvas, 130 x 130 cm, private collection

Golden Light. Liis Koger. Leonardo da Vinci. Notebooks. Paintings. Abstract art. Abstract expressionism painting


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